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At Southern Directionz, we talk regularly about person-environmental fit – matching each client's personality, values, skills and interests to the most appropriate career setting whether it be through study, training and on-the-job opportunities.

We want to make sure you make an informed decision to ensure you are mapping out the correct career and/or developmental path for you or your organisation.

Our services are structured to get the best of our clients, whether you are an individual seeking guidance on current and /or future education courses and training, need answers on about how to make a successful career change, or you are heading up a team or organisation and want to learn about new tools and techniques to provide effective leadership, implement staff development and get the best of out of your staff.

We can provide assessment, guidance and planning on:

With flexible and adaptable options, Southern Directionz can cater for your needs, steer you on the right course to achieving success and reaching your desired outcome.


I was a mess. I'd had six-and-a-half years off work with severe depression. I could hardly talk and when I did I stuttered really badly. My insurance company had almost given up on me and put me in the too hard basket. I would be given one last chance.
Southern Directionz was that last chance. I met with Dave McKissock and his team – they wanted to help. What happened was nothing short of transformational.
Dave developed a plan for me whereby I was to be reintegrated into the work force over a period of months, starting with some voluntary work and progressing through to a work trial at a business that could potentially offer me work within my skill set and experience.
All of that has led to me being self fulfilled in a part-time paying role as a Human Resources Advisor at a local law firm.
I cannot speak highly enough of the effort that Dave and his team put into rehabilitating me and giving me a life back again, when I seemed to be a lost cause.
In addition, I now use the services of Southern Directionz when I am providing services to clients.

Brian Richardson,
Human Resources Advisor,
Preston Russell Law